A disgruntled twentysomething waxes poetic on her many travels aboard Tdot's very own public transportation system, the TTC.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Final Gumshoe

I am happy to note that for the last few weeks, TTC subway vehicles have been outfitted with this ad (notice the miniature note pad of gum disposal paper) in an effort to clean up the TTC and keep it above the current neglected-restroom standards it currently follows. I was saddened however to see a man remove the entire pad and put it in his knapsack. The following day, I was further crushed to see a teen, standing with a group of friends, over-dramatically remove a piece of bubble gum from his gabber, rip off a piece of gum disposal paper, scrunch the bolus into the paper and then animatedly throw the refuse over his shoulder - narrowly missing a co-passenger. I bet the campaign would do better in the zoo; in the primate cage, more specifically.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Hotter Than Hades

Do you know where I can find a cement room filled with snowcone ice so that I can roll around naked in it? Today I got on to a packed subway car and shock of all shocks: there was no air conditioning. Normally this would not be an issue, but today, on July 5th, it is, with humidity, 40 degrees Celsius (which is like 86 degrees Fahrenheit). To add an element of dire straits to this story, I am pregnant and very short tempered (not to mention short of breath). I strongly feel that the TTC should have people standing on the platform to advise if a street car’s A/C is broken and to offer an “at your own risk” warning carnival barker-style. I frankly would not care if this added a minute or two to the commute. They could even hang signs reading “SAUNA” on the windows to give us the heads’ up, I don’t care. Had I known that this were the state of the union, I’d have waited for the next train. As it was I got off at the next stop and bolted to the other car where it was more packed, yet icy cool, I’ll trade sardine-can riding for the armpit tango anyday. I don’t think it would make much sense for the TTC to disable an entire train due to one or two of its cars having malfunctioning A/C, but a warning would be nice. It smells of gym socks and rotten crotch on the average air-conditioned streetcar, so to step onto a muggy, sweaty, boiling one with an offensive odor just hovering there, is akin to being trapped in an elevator with a gaseous person or being caught in traffic when a co-passenger barfs.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

why do your feet smell like onions?

call it world cup fever, but when a Spanish onion falls out of someone’s grocery bag on a subway car, most normal people would pick it up and hand it to the shopper.
Not the folks on the subway car on the way home from work last Thursday night.
About 11 people got in on the action. 7 sitting and 3 standing, all of them faking injuries. They were all really into it. It was then and there that I determined a camera video application might come in handy for a little mobile YouTube upload.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Dirty Bugger

So, big surprise, there is a giant creep roaming TTC property, allegedly standing thisclose to women with long dark hair and wanking himself. That is just another reason to go to Master Cuts and ask for the "Dorothy Hamill"...

News report below... BEWARES!

Cops release security images of suspect wanted in connection to TTC sex assaults
680News staff May 13, 2010 23:25:03 PM
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Toronto police are asking female subway riders to be especially vigilant after a series of sexual assaults on the TTC dating back to 2007.

According to investigators, the suspect rides the Yonge-Spadina-University subway line during morning and evening rush hours.

He approaches women between the ages of 20 and 40, with long black or dark brown hair.

He then stands behind them on crowded trains and performs sexual acts.

The man is described as:

- East Indian
- 5'9"
- 30-40-years-old
- Having a medium build
- Having black wavy hair

Police said riders should be especially careful at the following stations on the Yonge line:
- Dundas and Queen (morning rush)
- Eglinton and Davisville (afternoon rush hour)

Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 416-808-7474, Crime Stoppers
anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477), online at www.222tips.com, or text TOR and
message to CRIMES (274637).